Snow Removal

Snow Removal

Residential and Commercial Snow Removal Services for Calgary and area.

We truly take pride in providing our valued commercial & residential customers with the best possible service in Calgary and area. We strive to be the best there is out there through quality control and fairness to not only our valued customers but the personnel that work with in our company. We have found that this business model makes sense resulting in happy and truly satisfied repeat and referral customers as well as, motivated personnel that are happy to be working with us which reflects in their quality work. At the end of the day all this = success for everyone! At Rocky Top Landscaping we value your business and look forward in providing our quality services for you no matter how big or small the job is!


Snow Removal Services Include:

  • Snow & Ice Management
  • Sanding and de-icing services
  • Residential and Commercial Sidewalk Clearing
  • Off site hauling of snow
  • Bobcat Services
  • Per Time or Monthly Packages
  • 24 hr/ 8 days a Week Emergency Service

2013 / 2014 SEASON snow event breakdown

Snow clearing operations commence on one half to two inches of snowfall accumulation, under drifting conditions or upon request. Most snow clearing takes place when the parking lot contains the least number of cars , usually 7 pm – 7 am. In the event of continuous or heavy snowstorms, our service can be ongoing with spot clearing of driving lanes and entrances OR In the event of a continual snowfall we will return after a 24-hour period unless requested by the property manager. Additional “heavy equipment” will be dispatched when required at the discretion of the contractor unless specifically not requested

Walkway Snow Clearing

Automatic clearing of snow on walkways is the most aggressive with a no tolerance trigger, in other words if there is accumulation then it must be cleared so that there is no opportunity for the build- up of hard pack snow and later ice! The more a walkway is cleared the easier it is to keep clear and therefore makes it safer for the people who walk on it. Due to the fact that the highest liability for slip and fall claims is on unclear walkways, this automatic trigger has no flexibility with our company.


Trigger amounts for Parking lots are different as there is some flexibility. The standard for low to mediums traffic lots is a 1.5” - 2” plowing trigger. If the property has higher traffic then a 1” trigger should be selected to prevent snow from building up. Plowing is also preventative in nature, but keep in mind that the nature of parking lot clearing is different in that walkways can be cleared perfectly every time however parking lots cannot as vehicle traffic can pack snow so hard that it cannot be removed down to pavement with a truck and plow or a bobcat. So the key is prevention. Get as much snow cleared as quickly as possible so that cars and trucks cannot pack it down. Once it has all been piled up it can be removed with a backhoe, bobcat or loader.


This highly specialized mixture is actually not sand! It is gyro (small sharp rock chips) and ice melt. This mixture is the best defense against a slippery parking lot. It is applied automatically after every plowing service if requested and/ or additionally with coordination with the client as needed due to melting and freezing. To perfectly maintain a parking lot one should expect to sand nearly double the amount that one plows the same lot.

Snow Removal and Hauling

Parking lots with small mountains of snow are a sight that we have all grown accustomed to in the winter. These piles are not dangerous in themselves but should be removed once your friendly snow removal contractor has caught up with his clearing practices. There are two reasons for this; one is the loss of valuable parking space, the other is what happens when that pile melts. ICE. That pile of snow can create a larger skating rink over a 24 hour period. This is the very last thing that we want. Our contracts do not have a provision for automatic removal unless otherwise requested. We treat this service as an on call (coordinated) service billed by the hour. The pile will be removed at the time of the least amount of traffic so as to reduce the risk of injuries and accidents while our machinery works to load the snow into dump trucks which will haul the snow away to designated sites for dumping

Automatic Contracts

Rocky Top Landscaping works with the client to set up a contract that allows for automatic service. Automatic service is crucial because snow happens at all hours of the day, weekends and holidays, to put it bluntly coordinating for on call service is counterproductive and unsafe. Walkways are always automatic with ANY accumulation, plowing triggers are usually 1” or 2” and sanding is done automatically after ever plow service or agreed upon.. Other services are treated as on call or “coordinated” services, they are used only when necessary and billed by the hour. These services are snow removal from site (hauling), extra sanding services, and heavy equipment services.

All services are subject to a two hour minimum charge with a two plow retainer per month. Reflection fx provides reliable 24-hour 7 days a week service, prioritizing our automatic service customers. These services are effective from October 15, 2013 through April 31, 2014 inclusive. All accounts are subject to approval of a credit application before commencement of services. Should you have any questions or concerns or would like to discuss a quote , please contact me directly.

Snow & Ice Management

Due to the fact that Rocky Top Landscaping offers a wide range of service levels we would request that you call our office for further information regarding snow and ice management services. Please note that exact specifications and related charges are laid out in each snow and ice management contract.

  • If you presently have a contract with RFX for snow and ice management please refer to it for exact specifications for your property.
  • New Clients: RFX delivers professional services that protect against the liability of each specific site. If you are interested in hearing how RFX can help you with your property call us today.